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SNOWBLOWER Availabilty

Ariens Compact 22 - 4 available

Ariens Compact 24 - expected 1/4

Ariens Deluxe 24 - expected 1/4

1/4 date is the current expected delivery from Ariens direct

We have these models on order with the distributor and the arrival date is sooner

We will have more info on Tuesday 12/16



Deluxe 28 (921030) - 26 available

Deluve 28 Plus (921037) - 20 available

Platinum 24 SHO (921038) - 9 left

Platinum 30 (921029) - 2 left

Platinum 30 SHO (921040) - 1 left

Pro 28 (926038) - 5 left

Pro 32 (926039) - 1 left



Toro 518ZR (38472) - 2 left

Toro 518ZE (38473) - 4 left

Toro 721R (38741) - SOLD OUT

Toro 721E (38742) - 1 left

Toro 721R-C (38751) - 6 left

 Toro 721QZR (38743) - SOLD OUT

Toro 721QZE (38744) - SOLD OUT

Toro is SOLD OUT of all single stage models, What we have will be it for the season


Toro 724OE (37775) - 8 enroute 12/19

Toro 726OE (37771) - 3 available

Toro 826OE (37772) - 2 available

Toro 826OTE (37777) - SOLD OUT

Toro 826OXE (38800) - 2 available

Toro 928OHXE (38801) - 1 available

Toro 1028OHXE (38802) - SOLD OUT

Toro 1128OXE (38680) - 4 available

Toro 1128OHXE (38803) - 1 available


WHY buy at Needham Garden Center?

Stocking 38 models (we'll help you choose the right one)


Free professional setup, fueled and test run.


Free Haul Away of your old machine upon delivery


Demonstration in your driveway

Our driver will teach you how to operate your machine safely at your home


We take trade-ins too




Ariens 0% for 24 months

Toro 0% for 18 months

See dealer for details













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Happy Spring April 18, 2014  

Spring has arrived at The Needham Garden Center. We have received all of our spring merchandise and the store is loaded. 4 Step lawn programs are in stock and on sale with available mail in rebates to save even more. Grass seed is in although it's a bit early to put it down. It's time to apply lime or the lime substitute, Magical. Step One crabgrass preventer should be applied now.  We are happy to go over a season long plan with you for your lawn (ADVICE IS FREE) The top soil, mulches, etc are in, and the pottery has just arrived. We have a lot of birdbaths to choose from this year. 

First day of Fall September 21, 2012  

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall. It's time to start thinking about your upcoming leaf and snow needs. We have the best brands and we setup all leaf blowers and snowblowers for free. We stock handheld, backpack and wheeled leaf blowers from Redmax, Husqvarna and Little Wonder. We stock the full line of Ariens and Toro snowthrowers as well. Stop in and we can help you choose the right machine for the job. Buy a quality machine from us and we'll stand behind it with warranty support, our service department, and our stocked up parts room.

Summer Heat July 13, 2012  

We are stocked up with hoses, sprinklers, and all of the adapters and timers you may need to keep your gardens well watered. Don't let your plants die when you go to the cape, set up a timer to water them while your gone. We also keep water wicks in stock for your indoor plants as well. Just put your plant next to a bowl of water and the wick will move water from the bowl to your plant.

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