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Lawn & Garden Products

Our inventory of lawn & garden products is now viewable online on our website. Whether you’re looking for an essential gardening item, or a specialty tool, we’ve got you covered. There’s something for everyone and every garden. Get shopping today and discover all the deals we’re currently offering.

Bird Feeders, Accessories, & Feed

We stock a wide variety of feeders, accessories, and feeds for all of New England's birds. We have over 200 bird feeders in stock and 25 different seed mixes. We are the place for any bird lover or enthusiast.

Some of our brands include:

Audubon, Lyric Wild Bird Food, Duncraft, and Droll Yankees. 

Wet grass

Organic Lawn & Garden Products

We are the place for natural and organic lawn and garden products. We have a solution for almost any garden or lawn problem naturally or organically. Come in to see the products we carry and we can help you design an organic program that fits your specifics needs. From Corn Gluten weed control to Chicken Poop fertilizer we have it all.

Some of our brands include:

Chickity Doo Doo, Milky Spore Grub Control, Espoma, Garden Safe, Neptune's Harvest, Burn Out Weed and Grass Killer, and Organica 

Hands in the Soil

Top Soil, Soil Amendments, Mulches, & More

We stock topsoil, soil amendments, mulches, compost, peat moss, lime, sand, stones, and hay. The products we offer are of the highest quality and rich in organics. Many of our products are approved for organic growing.


Jonathan Green

We carry the full line of Jonathan Green lawn and garden products


Scott's Lawn Care

We carry the full line of Scott's lawn care products including seed, fertilizers, and spreaders.

Weed & Pest Control

We carry hundreds of different weed and pest control products. From dandelions to gophers we have many different solutions that will solve even your toughest problems.


Fertilizers & Foods

Our shelves are always stocked with many fertilizers and foods for all indoor and outdoor plants. If you have a plant that you can't identify, we may have the resources to find its name and care requirements.


Winter Moths

Have you noticed green inch long worms hanging from your deciduous trees? Those are probably the winter moth caterpillar. We have organic and chemical controls available that you can apply yourself saving the cost of a tree company spraying for you.


Japanese Beetles

Japanese Beetles got you down? We can control them using chemical or organic products.

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