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Vortex VX10202D

  • •GC 190 HondaEngine,

  • •AR Pump delivering 2700PSI at 2.5GPM

  • RMV Pump Manual

  • –RMV Axial Radial

  • –Built in pump protection through standard unloadervalve

  • –E Z Start Technology

  • •Revolutionary  aluminumhand-welded frame

  • –Very compact for easy storage

  • –Fabricated from 5052 aircraft grade aluminum

  • –71Lbs light, strong, corrosion resistant

  • –No bolts to assemble or rattle lose

  • –No Steel to rust

  • •Tow and Stowe Handle

  • –Ergonomically designed to allow quick and easy movement of  the unit without bending over allowing user to walk at full stride without worrying about banging your heels

  • –Low profile with built-in lifting handles for easy transport and stowage

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